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Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group

 Taizhou Headquarter Base  Institute of Drug research   Jiangsu Zilong

 Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group is the long term partner of Pharmengin. Pharmengin has provided engineering design and project management service to projects of Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group, including headquarter base in Taizhou, Haici in Jiangsu, Haiyan in Beijing, Haini in Shanghai, Hailing in Nanjing, Hairui in Guangzhou and Zilong in Jiangsu etc. The facilities include API, TCM, each kind of dosage forms of chemical pharmaceutical, R&D, pilot plant and logistics. Gross Floor Area(GFA) is about 700,000 m2. The OSD workshop in headquarter base in Taizhou has gained EU GMP certificate.