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Design technology of low pressure nitrogen blanketing system for batch operational system in API manufacturing

The low pressure nitrogen blanketing system in API manufacturing is appropriate for the processing and storage of inflammable, explosive, toxic and volatile materials. It is one of the critical systems for the safety design of the construction project dealing with dangerous chemicals and plays a critical role for production safety and the improvement of production environment. It meets EHS requirements on system design technology.



Treatment technology for exhaust gas in API manufacture

The treatment system consists of exhaust gas collection and treatment units. Single stage or multi-stage processing unit is installed for stage-by-stage treatment. The units are arranged in parallel or in series based on properties of exhaust gas. The final discharged gas meet the national emission standards and comply with the EHS requirements.



Design technology for high vacuum distillation system

With integrated condenser and reasonable heating patters , this technology give the opportunity to reduce the required distillation temperature, reduces the risk of product thermal decomposition and shortens distillation time by controlling liquid phase level and vacuum degree. The ultimate vacuum of the system may reach 10Pa and operating pressure is controlled within 100Pa.


Applied technology for airflow analogue simulation of clean room

Using analogue simulation, the technology provides simulation and optimization for the flow pattern in clean room. It ensures that the system meets the GMP requirements and achieves an efficient and energy saving HVAC system by visual air distribution patterns and reasonable air change rate.


Design technology for energy conservation of Class-B area in  pharmaceutical workshop


By adopting reasonable HVAC setting, compact process layout, excellent air distribution and environmental control measures, not only the risk of product cross-contamination will be reduced, but also the energy will be saved up to 25-40% .



Automation design technology for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) manufacturing

This technology adopts optimized process flow and layout design and computer control system to accurately measure and control TCM extraction, concentration and discharge. It realizes the process automation from materials feeding, water (alcohol)charging, extracting, liquid drainage, discharge, filtering, liquid and slag separation to solid discharging as well as the concentrating of extracted solution, sedimentation, purification to ointment concentration. Multi-channel near infrared spectrum (NIS) online measuring technology is used during TCM extracting to achieve real-time control of material quality.

Closed transport technology for Oral  solid Dosage(OSD)manufacturing

Buy using specified equipment, weighing unit and optimized   layout, and adopts vacuum system or containers to transfer materials, this technology resolves the bottleneck in material transfer for OSD manufacturing, achieves closed material transfer, lower labor intensity and improve producing efficiency.


Treatment technology for return air from airborne dust generating areas in Oral Solid Dosage(OSD) manufacturing

This technology uses purification processing unit to recirculation the return air from airborne dust generating areas in OSD manufacturing and lower the energy consumption of the AHU.  The hydraulic equilibrium problem coursing by the return ducts under various pressures has been resolved. The serving time of the HEPA at the production room has been extended.


Modern biopharmaceutical optimization design technology

This technology combines modern pharmaceutical manufacturing process and clean air handling techniques into the biopharmaceutical area and solves industrialization problems that have troubled for a long time and promotes production technology by optimized processes and reasonable layout.



Automation implementing technology for fermentation manufacturing

This technology adopts DCS, PLC and other computer control systems to monitor and collectively control parameters of the fermentation process, including temperature of fermentation liquid, PH,  pressure, stirring speed, material supplement, de-foaming, dissolve of oxygen and gas consumption capacity etc. The automation technology for fermentation tank can fully exert the advantages of computer intelligent control and dynamic optimization, ensure a stable production process, and improve productivity and reduce energy consumption.


Design technology for reactor heat transfer system utilizing heat transfer fluid(HTF)

This technology uses HTF as both heat and cold carrier to replace steam, tower water and brine for heating and cooling, which could not only solve the problems of cross contaminations and interaction of different heat-transfer media, but also achieve computer control of batch reactor, improve quality of products and fulfill the  energy conservation.


Design technology for brine cool storage of pharmaceutical factory

This technology uses brine as energy storage medium and satisfies temperature requirements of various processes by heat exchange. Adopting this technology, operation cost of utilities in pharmaceutical manufacturing would be greatly reduced.


Fuzzy control technology for energy conservation for  the  cooling water system of central air-conditioning unit

The optimal control of energy output and efficiency for the cooling water system of air handling unit is fulfilled by adopting the fuzzy prediction and self-adaptation optimization control technologies.  Stable operation and scientific management of the system are achieved. Safety, efficiency and energy conservation of the central air-conditioning system is achieved by employing standardized design of energy conservation technology.