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Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen

     Welcome to visit the website of Sino Pharmengin Corporation!

     Sino Pharmengin Corporation provides services of following category: engineering design, consultation, construction, project management, and operation& maintenance management and EPC of the pharmaceutical and health industries.

     With the qualified certificates, talented teams, capability of technology development, management experience and especially the abundant resource support from the parent company - Sinopharm Group, Pharmengin has accomplished  more than 3,000 domestic and international engineering projects over four decades and formed a unique “Sino Pharmengin style”, which is reflected not only in magnificent and functional buildings, in national and industrial standards, but also in the owners’ satisfaction that we value most.
      Thanks for the attention of our clients, Pharmengin get the chance to demonstrate ourselves;

      Thanks for the dedication of the staffs, Pharmengin have outstanding achievements;

      Thanks for the support of Sinopharm Group, Pharmengin have the platform for innovation;

      Herein, I give my sincere acknowledgment!

      We hope that we could have more favor in the investors’ eyes.

      May we have a greater future together!